CainĂ£ Costa

Who the heck are you?

I'm a minimalism enthusiast, code craftsman and all-around geek from Brazil, currently working at Red Hat on the ManageIQ Project.

I really enjoy eletronic music, coding, gaming, yak-shaving and replacing perfectly working websites with barely functioning CLI tools, just for the sake of it. I've also been working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails for the past 9 years, but every now and then I hack on some small projects in C and Rust, that you can find on my Github.

What do you do?

I'm a Rails guy by heart, so most of my content is Ruby and Ruby on Rails related. Thorough the years I've been collaborating with multiple Open Source projects, like:

There are also some projects of my own, all of which are Open Source as well:

Every now and then I also post some music stems on Soundcloud, of mostly eletronic music that I never plan on finishing.

Where can I find you?

I usually hang around at Freenode as cfcosta, but you can also find me on:

If you received an encrypted message and wants to verify it's from me, or if you want to send me an encrypted message, you can check my keybase account.